Noah Cindergard, Luis Severino Could Boost Summer: Sherman

He was involved in the press release. He was the opposition. Footboard.

The Mets officially signed Taizuan Walker over the weekend and were thoughtful enough to throw in the first paragraph that the same trick was to place Noah Cindergaard on the 60-day injured list to gain a 40-man roster spot.

The Yankees announced the signing of Brett Gardner on Monday, and you first had to wade through their 2020 stats, career accomplishments and biographical details: “To make room on the 40-man roster, RHP Luis Severino has 60 -Day was placed on the injured list. ”The Yerks were at least bold enough to name Sevino.

Severino and Cinderegard are arriving attractions in the spring, promises for summer.

Severino will mark the one-year anniversary of his Tommy John surgery this Saturday, February 27. A month later, on 27 March, Cinderegard would reach the 12-month mark. Nevertheless, Syndergaard is already working on a mound with fastballs and changeups, while Severino is still throwing from 120 feet to reach the mound in about two weeks. there is no rush. The 60-day IL designations assumed that neither Syndergaard nor Severino could be reinstated to the majors before May 31.

Sandy Alderson aims for a June return for Cinderegard. The Yanks slammed the ETA, with players also feeling a burning spirit over time to aggressively try to honor the date or failures that turned the proposed withdrawal date into a punchline.

Luis Severino and Noa Syndergaard
Luis Severino and Noa Syndergaard
NY Post: Charles Wenzberg; Corey Sipkin

Also patience is an aspect of rehab compared to Tommy John’s recent past. Not too long ago, the pitcher competed to be the fastest bench, compared to 12 months (or less). Pitching coach Jeremy Hefner already knows. He needed the Mets pitcher as Tommy John in August 2013, followed the then-accepted protocol to try to pitch late in 2014 and re-tormented the ligament and required re-processing.

Teams now deploy data to better track the surgical progress of a pitcher and high-speed cameras to clean the delivery elements that may be the cause of the stress that contributes to the delivery tear . Sleeves are worn which also extend the effort required to hold. Therefore, asking a pitcher to put 50 percent effort is not an intuitive idea, and deciding to readiness only by looking at the pitcher is not decided.

“We learned fast that there is not always a better long term,” Hefner said over the phone. “People can still come back in 11 or 12 months, but you are making amends. We are not serving them by running them. “

A return in June would provide Cinderegard with at least 14 months of rehab. The Mets deemed it better for their major league rotation and their upper minors to fill the innings with one eye in a difficult season as pitchers had limited (or no) workload in the 2020 pandemic campaign. This makes it easy to not rush Cindigard.

Nevertheless, there is a human equation. This is Syndergaard’s walking year. Free agency beckons. Will their showcase start from 1 or 14 or…?

“He’s an ace,” Hefner said as he anticipates Cinderegard’s offer upon his return. “Stick him at any of the 29 clubs, he is going to fit at the top of the rotation.” … He is really good stuff and wants to be great. He can be like a business man [July] Deadline to promote us a playoff, but we may bring it back in June. He is a difference-maker. “

Of course, the Yanks feel the same about Severino.

“What can’t you overstat [Severino’s return will] Meaning, “Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake called. Before Gerrit Cole signed, he said, “He was our aces in heading last year. We do not take it lightly. Put him in a room with Cole, Corey Kluber, Jameson Tillon, he is no other man there. He is the superstar in the league. This is important to remember. He can take our team to another level. “

Yenke might not want to push anyone (even healthy) in 150 innings except Cole. Like Severino (five starts in 2019-20), Kluber and Tillon have hardly pitched in the last two years, Domingo Jarman did not pitch last year, Jordan Montgomery has undergone Tommy John surgery in his past, and Davy Garcia has never pitched a full season, nor has Clarke Schmidt, who is already hurt.

In the best scenario, Severino comes at a time when one or more of those people need to be shut down.

For now, however, Severino and Cinderegard are transacting press releases about the others. They are an upcoming attraction, promising summer blockbusters to come.

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