North Carolina teen protects teacher from shooting at middle school game

North Carolina teen protects teacher from shooting at middle school game

A 13-year-old from North Carolina has been hailed as a hero for helping to protect his teacher when gunfire broke out during a middle school football game.

Middle school football player Bobby Holloman was on the field with his team for an awards ceremony after winning the championship game in Lumberton last Wednesday when shots rang out.

While trying to run away from the chaotic scene, his teacher, Donald Weller, fell to the ground.

“I am running behind Mr. Weller and he falls. And I pick up his phone,” Bobby told WPDE.

Bobby said Weller started to get back up, but he urged him to stay down to avoid gunfire.

“I’m like, ‘Mr. Weller, you need to stay down.’ And then I put his phone on his chest. I laid down like literally right beside him,” he said.

Weller had been down on the field taking pictures of the team following their big win when the shots rang out. Bobby plays for the St. Paul’s Middle School Bulldogs, and beat Lumberton Junior High 38-24 before the shooting took place.

middle school football shooting
Middle school football players began to run after gunshots were fired in the stadium’s parking lot following the championship game.
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middle school football game shooting
Terrifying video footage taken during the shooting showed how players stayed on the ground while the shooting took place.
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The teacher said he was thankful for Bobby’s ability to remain clear-headed during the terrifying ordeal.

“I was running. And I stumbled and fell and as I was getting back up, that’s when Bobby came. I dropped the phone. And he said, ‘Mr. Weller, I got your phone.’ And then instructed me to stay down,” Weller recalled. “Which is the proper thing to do that my mind wasn’t registering at that time.”

“Bobby stopped where he was to make sure I was safe. And I greatly appreciate that,” Weller said.

The gunfire had come from the football stadium’s parking lot. One person, a 41-year-old woman closely related to one of the players, was shot and remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

middle school shooting
Officials in North Carolina are still investigating the incident.
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The Public Schools of Robeson County held a meeting Thursday and decided it will increase safety measures during home sporting events, including additional lighting in parking lot areas.