North Dakota House forbids bill to wear mandatory mask

The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill that would outlaw regulations requiring face masks, a mandate ripped off as a devilish “devilish sorrow”.

The state’s lower house on Monday voted 50-44 to ban state and local governments, schools and businesses from prohibition orders, which are in the midst of a coronovirus epidemic. The Grand Forks Herald reported.

The bill will be next to the Senate.

Rep. Jeff Hoverson, the bill’s sponsor, has portrayed the mask requirements as “diabolical misery”.

“The fa├žade is part of a larger system of movement of unequal, wealthy bureaucrats who are robbing us of our freedoms and abolishing lies,” Hoverson said, Prairie Public Press reported


Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Doktor argued that the ban on masks would remove local governments from control.

“If people wanted to decide the mask mandate, they should have this option,” said Doktor. “They should also have the option that it is not mandatory.”

Potential legislation comes after North Dakota Village. Doug Bergam implemented a statewide mask mandate in November.

“Since inception, we have taken a data-driven approach to our epidemic response, which focuses on saving lives and livelihoods,” said Bergam. “Right now, the data call for high-level mitigation efforts to reverse these dangerous trends, to slow the spread of the virus, and to avoid the need for economic shutdowns.”

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