Nothing taps teen engineering to design upcoming products

Swedish electronics house TeenEdge Engineering, best known for its range of well-designed audio products, is working with nothing on its upcoming product release. Nothing is the new consumer tech brand from Ex-Consumer, which executes Carl Pei. Pei says Teenage Engineering is one of the founding partners of Nothing, and will drive the design aesthetic in his new company.

Pei says he has already worked with TeenEdge Engineering to create a product roadmap “that is unique and true to nothing.” The first product of Nothing is a pair of wireless earbuds, due for release this summer. Will be curious to see what design signs they take from teen engineering M-1 headphones.

Kishore Engineering’s current M-1 headphones.
Picture: Kishore Engineering

Nothing says Teenage Engineering co-founder and CEO Jesper Kothofd will serve as creative lead and “visionary behind the Nothing Design World”, while Teen Howard, deputy head of Teenage Engineering Design, head of Nothing Design Will be “After months of research and development, we are now in a place where I believe we will have something exciting to show the world,” Cothford said.

As a reminder of the types of products TeenEdge Engineering has put out over the years, check out the OB-4, a radio / instrument / speaker hybrid that built an endless looping tape that you manually played on the speaker. Allows anything to be rewinded. The $ 89 Mini Sync also had its own range with sounds titled Retro Capcom, or the modular synthesizer released last year.

TeenEdge Engineering also worked with Ikea on several audio products.
Picture: IKEA

OB-4 radio and speaker system.
Picture: Kishore Engineering

A mini synthesizer made in partnership with Capcom.
Picture: Kishore Engineering

Kishore Engineering Pocket Operator 170 Synthesizer.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / Reporter Door

I-1 Instant Camera.
Picture: Kishore Engineering

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