Nxivm doctor branding defends members of sex cult

The doctor who branded women as Nxivm’s sex cult leader Keith Raniere’s initial name defended the practice in a new television interview – claiming that women wanted “points” and that they were not “harmed” is.

Speaking to NBC “Dateline”, Drs. Danielle Roberts said she was not acting out of her capacity as a physician when she branded members of a secret master-slave group inside Nxivm known as Docs.

“They had no idea who the branding technician was going to be, you know? There was no patient-doctor relationship, “Roberts Said in a clip of the interview, Which will air throughout the night of Friday.

She insisted that she never believed she was harming anyone.

“I think pain and loss are two different things. You know, I think people are making an assumption that people were harmed. No one was harmed in it. “Roberts said.

“This is what these women wanted, they asked for it.” You know, I mean and I understand now that the narrative has changed and they are saying other things, ”she said.

He also claimed that the women were “laughing” at the time.

“They said they wanted it.” They were laughing, “he said.

DOS members said in Ranierre’s 2019 lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court that they handed over harmful “collateral” to join the group, which they feared would be released.

They were then branded in their public areas with an insignia that looked like the letters K and R during a nude ceremony – although many have stated that they did not realize the design was as long as they wanted it Don’t get it.

In the trial, gamblers overheard audio recordings while speaking with their number 2, “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, stating that the ceremonies should resemble human sacrifice rituals.

“Do you think the person being branded should be placed on the same table almost as a sacrifice?” Ranier asks Mac in the recording that he thinks the slave should be completely naked. “It’s a feeling of submission.”

“Laying on my back, the legs spread out keeping me directly on the table. Hands above the head, perhaps held, almost like a sacrifice, ”he said.

Former DOS slave-master Lauren Salzman described the branding as “the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced”.

Roberts has not been charged with any crime. But his medical license is under review due to his involvement in Nxivm.

Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison in October after pleading guilty to rape and sexual trafficking charges.

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