NYC Bridal Shop Refuses to Give Bride Returns for Wedding Dresses: Suits

She does not want to be asked for the dress – but the dashing bridal shop has bought her wedding gown with claims they cannot afford it.

Jessica K, 42 years old, was hoping to find her dream dress for a planned November, to attend bridal reflections on Fifth Avenue in March.

Ke “Huge Pressure” was in buying a floor sample of an astonishing $ 15,000 Galia Lahav “Ruth”, with salespeople at the salon warning her that she would not be able to purchase a custom dress ahead of time as the epidemic related shutdown , K. in a lawsuit against the shop.

When Bridal Reflections slashed the price to $ 9,000, and included the reshuffle, Kay took the deal, reducing the $ 5,300 deposit, he said in his Manhattan Supreme Court legal papers. Coronavirus restrictions closed the shop the next day.

When the Bridal Reflections reopened in the summer, Kei asked to return her deposit – in part because the epidemic had canceled her wedding plans, she claims in court papers.

A Cushman & Wakefield employee claims that the store not only refused to return her flour, but she also refused to make changes, forcing her to go to court to get her deposit back.

Not so, Bridal Reflections co-owner Anthony Micari told The Post.

Mikari said the store would be happy to make changes to the A-line gown, which features 3D petals, sparkles, and a dramatic plumbing neckline paired with a daring, thigh-high-slit – and if it still hasn’t Store offered. Want Lahav.

Carey initially refused to sign a contract for the dress, specifying “no return”, then disputed the charge with his credit card company – a challenge the store won, Micharee claimed did.

The store owner said that “hundreds and hundreds of brides” had to push back their ceremonies, and that “as a business, we, as salons across the country, got into a position that we could not offer refunds on orders Because it was not financially viable and would keep the shops out of business. “

But Kei was not satisfied, allegedly saying to a manager, “Hey lady, take the f-ing hit, you’re a high-end store and have a lot of money,” store fees.

“The dress is still in the salon and ready for her when she is ready to pay the balance and take it. It is unfair that a customer can change their mind and put a company at risk by portraying us in a negative light during these ten times, ”said Michari.

His lawyer Adam Roth said Kay had tried to negotiate to pay the penalty, but was reprimanded.

“Due to COVID, related health concerns, And after an immediate family member lost, Ms. had no baggage of the formalities of the wedding. Roth said that it is quite shocking that in a year of global crisis any business will be so heterogeneous and classical.

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