NYC Department of Health recommends double masking to fight COVID

The New York City Department of Health is now recommending that Big Apple residents wear two face masks instead of one to fight back against the spread of COVID-19.

“We know that even though the vaccine is paramount to wearing masks here, it is important. It is amazing that what we have learned in this crisis is probably the most profound mask power,” de Blasio During the City Hall press briefing on Thursday, the new facade guidance was announced.

“One of these paper masks also makes a huge difference, but it’s time to double what we’re saying today,” Hizoner said.

“Two masks are better than one. Make it double. “

The new face of guidance from the city’s Health Department comes after the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently Updated their own guidance, Adding that adding more layers of material to a mask is “a good way to reduce the number of respiratory droplets containing the virus coming through the mask.”

“A layering strategy is to use a cloth mask that consists of multiple layers of fabric. The CDC states that another strategy is to wear two masks or a ‘double mask’.

Municipal Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said Double mask guidance of department Based on the guidance of the CDC.

Chokshi said on Thursday that the biggest thing she does is to constantly and properly cover the face, so that it covers both your nose and mouth and you wear it both indoors and outdoors.

But, Chokshi said, “the use of two masks is more effective in preventing the spread of the virus.”

Chokshi said people should wear a cloth mask on top of disposable masks when doubled – rather than donating two disposable masks on each other.

“Two of the disposable masks will not improve the fit,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chokshi suggested that those 65 and older and those with underlying conditions should “consider” using high-grade face masks such as KN95.

The latest city data shows that the Big Apple has a coronovirus positivity rate of 7.17 percent on a seven-day rolling average.

This data also shows that 262 people were admitted to the city’s hospitals on Tuesday with suspected COVID-19 and 57 percent of them tested positive for the bug.

According to the data, the new virus cases in the city averaged 3,216 per day.

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