NYC Metro is safe, but needs more police

The MTA on Saturday insisted that two homeless riders were released and several others killed in the past week.

Nevertheless, officials are again calling for more police and mental health services to deal with violent mentally ill people who plague the system.

“The metro system is safe – yet as we have been saying for over two years, we are concerned about the increase in some crimes and the significant lack of mental health support that is clearly facing a crisis, “Interim MTA President Sarah Finberg said on Saturday.

“The city is responsible for policing the metro system and providing social and mental health services. We have been asking City Hall and the NYPD to increase those resources for years. “

Feinberg was the response to the postway detailing the account of a metro rider who regularly uses the 181st Street A train station and said he was scared of the transition system.

The MTA blamed city officials for mental health issues, which were sometimes violent, underground.

Accused “A Train Ripper” Rigoberto Lopez, 21 – who says authorities killed two homeless people discovered last weekend – allegedly had a long history of mental illness.

After vowing to send only 500 officers, the MTA asked the NYPD to deploy 1,500 more police to the transit system in the wake of the killings.

The MTA has been revitalizing the city about the 181st Street station in particular for years.

Finberg, along with other MTA officials, regularly visited the 181st Street station, the agency said, as recently as last week.

The MTA has also deployed private security there.

The city did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment on Finberg’s statements.

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