NYC: Parolee busted after police attempted sexual assault

A paroleist allegedly dragged a woman into the bushes at Prospect Park and tried to sexually assault the 33-year-old man – but he confronted her and was soon arrested, in part by a witness who stalked her. And call 911, which he has learned.

Police sources said the woman was walking in Brooklyn Park before 6 pm when a 25-year-old man grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to the ground.

Sources said the man pulled down the woman’s mask and tried to assault her – but the woman shook her finger slightly and escaped.

According to sources, a good Samaritan heard the woman’s screams, saw the man running away and followed her on the phone with 911 to a building in Sullivan Place.

According to the NYPD, police quickly apprehended the man, identified as Carlisle Clarke, video-monitored her exit from the building and accused her of criminal sexual acts, robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea praised the NYPD’s Special Victim Unit for tracking Clark.

“When a woman was sexually assaulted in Brooklyn yesterday, @NYPDSVU Went to work, “Xi Tweeted. “Within hours, investigators identified the attacker and arrested him. No stranger to the criminal justice system, he was just released on parole. “

Clarke was cut loose on parole on February 11 after spending 16 months in prison on a two-year sentence in the weapons charge, Prison Records show.

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