Oliver Stark says this ‘911’ scene was the most ‘chaotic’

Oliver Stark starred on Fox’s “9-1-1” as firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley stealing the scene.

Now in its fourth season (8 pm Monday), the hit series follows the lives of several first responders in LA, including Buck’s 911 operator sister Maddy (Jennifer Love Hewitt), LAPD Sergeant Athena Grant (Angela Bassett), LAFD Station Includes Captain Bobby. Nash (Peter Kruse), firefighter / paramedic Howie “Chimney” Han (Kenneth Choi) and more.

The 29-year-old British-originated Stark – also known for “In the Badlands” and “Luther” – answered some questions for the post.

What do you like most about Buck?

I get to play this character which is so different from the other [characters] On tv. He is super-cocky at times and plays a bit too much in the macho stereotype – but then, at the same time, he can be weak and sensitive. This is something I am really enjoying.

Is there anything about your real life that you’ve added to Buck?

I think that as an actor you always bring a certain element of your life experience to a part. When I first auditioned for the role, I think that’s one of the things that helped me secure the role [that] I tried to bring a bit of London’s charisma and London charm, not the stereotypical California firefighter we’ve seen before. It’s quite a British word to use, but I thought, “Let’s make it a little cheeky.” I think from my experience, Buck has really given me this new element that makes people connect.

The show is known for its external disasters. Was there anyone who enjoyed the film the most?

One of my favorites goes back to season 1. This was the episode where, because there was a full moon, everyone was going particularly crazy. Myself and Peter Kruse’s character, Bobby, go to this yoga studio with a yoga class for pregnant women – three of whom went into labor. It was such a chaotic night, but chaotic in the best way. We had fun with it. She always pricks me.

You’ve got a lot of co-stars, is there anyone you particularly enjoy working with?

Kenneth Choi and Peter Kruse have actually become quite important people in my life. He has taken me into the role of this friend / mentor, where we are very good friends, but at the same time if I need his advice on anything, I can go to him. It is a lovely bond over the years.

Have you wondered about “9-1-1” in a few years?

The biggest eye-opener for me was a wide variety of emergency calls that end on firefighters. I naively thought that they fight fire – and it turns out that 80 percent of the calls they end up with are medical calls. It just goes to show the broad array of training they have, to be able to deal with so many different types of emergencies. Now more important than ever is to highlight the role of first responders and what they are doing. We all consider ourselves lucky that we got a chance to shine a light on them and hope that our show will pay tribute to them.

Is Buck ahead for the rest of the season?

He is trying relatively for the season, again trying to find some lightness. He is going to try to get himself on the dating scene – not to much immediate success, but to get back on the horse is his first step.

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