Patrick Ewing promotes NYC mayor bid of tiki barber Ray McGuire

There are enough candidates running for mayor of New York City to field a football supporter team – but now one of them has a few city sports veterans who aim to boost their campaign.

Wall Street executive Ray McGuire announced Tuesday that his 2021 mayoral bid has the backing of former New York sports veterans, such as Knicks stars Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley and the Giants’ Super Bowl, beating Tiki Nye, The Post learned. went.

Joining the Power Trio in a group named Sports for Ray, are veteran co-owners Laurie Tissue, former Jets offensive lineman Willie Cologne and current high school basketball coaches Joe Arbitello and Joe Lods.

“Not trying to win more than one percent,” said Colon, a Bronx native. “He is trying to win, and really helps and battles for my community and those in New York City.

“No one man can make a difference, but a group of people who are like-minded and have the will and persistence to do something, you can really move mountains.”

The group gave a letter saying why they are supporting McGuire, saying they believe Democratic candidates can rebuild the city and bring everyone together.

“The epidemic has completely disrupted our lives, disrupted our routines and made us question the future,” the letter reads. “Even in these dark moments, Spectrum’s games have been one-sided, whether it’s socially distant gymnastics competitions or gathering with close ones to see their beloved NY team win big.

“We want an integration at City Hall that understands this industry, its importance to the New Yorker, informed planning with experience and a person to deliver results.”

A photo of Ray McGuire provided by his campaign.
A photo of Ray McGuire provided by his campaign.

Coalition members will be directly involved in the campaign. Some will work in advising policy teams. Others will be helped with direct voter engagement who can participate in events ranging from phone banking to text messaging or speaking on behalf of McGuire and his campaign. There is already a virtual event planned for March 8 that will include Ewing and Nye, called “Ray of Hope: A Conversation with Sports Legends”.

“It is extraordinary for a candidate to have such an alliance during the primary, but it reflects the reach that Ray has, calling on the circle of friends, supporters and colleagues to make a comeback. [of the city], Said McGill’s campaign manager, Basil Smickel Jr.

He added Sports to Ray: “Just Using His Voice [will be important]. These are the figures and leaders of New York City.

This will not be the first round of McGuire celebrity endorsements, with the longtime finance man announcing his candidacy in a December video narrated by filmmaker Spike Lee.

The 63-year-old Harvard University-educated McGarr, who quit his job as vice chairman at Citigroup in October last year, participated in the city’s Milan Fund programs, so he would be able to take a larger donation.

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