Pennsylvania hospital patient stabs doctor in head, face

A patient being treated at a Pennsylvania hospital on Tuesday stabbed a woman doctor’s face and head several times.

The attack occurred inside the hospital, where the physician treated the injuries on Tuesday and was later discharged, the Philadelphia Police Department and Penn Medicine told Fox News.

“The Pennsylvania Hospital is working closely with Philadelphia Police to respond to an injury incident to a patient and a physician Tuesday afternoon,” a Penn Medicine spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesman said that “prompt action by the hospital staff ensured that the doctor received immediate care,” and that he had been discharged.

“There was no danger to other patients or staff at the hospital at any time. All hospital operations continue as usual, and we are cooperating with law enforcement to investigate the incident, ”the spokesperson said.

Police said they arrested the suspect and recovered a weapon from the scene.

It is not clear at this time why the patient rushed out.

American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) Called violence against health care workers A “growing epidemic” in the 2019 article, noting that around 25,000 attacks occur every year in health care settings – 75 percent of which occur in the workplace, although only 30 percent of workers report such attacks because many are Are part. of the job.

The AJMC cited the American College of Emergency Physician as saying that seven out of 10 emergency room doctors believe emergency room violence is on the rise, and about 50 percent of physicians said they were attacked at work .

“It makes sense because healthcare and settings [emergency department] Especially for people is a very emotionally volatile experience, ”Michelle Mahon, RN, nursing practice representative for National Nurses United, told AJMC in an interview. “Patients are in their worst condition, they are feeling terrible, they are sick, they are frightened and weak.

He said health care workers often see “psychiatric issues due to lack of behavioral health, mass violence and gun violence.”

“The security interventions that hospitals have taken are failing,” she said. “Acts of violence that occur daily at the executive level, but do nothing to prevent workplace violence. It is a response, not a prevention measure. “

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