Pikachu was arrested in the Pokémon anime

Ash’s Pikachu was take in by the authorities on this week’s episode of the newest iteration of the Pokémon anime. The crime in question? So Electricity stolen from various residences in Vermillion City, according to a recap of the episode by Kotaku.

Here’s what go down

So on the night of the crime, police say, a Pokémon resembling a Pikachu was saw. The only Pikachu without an alibi was Ash’s belove companion. Hence which made the lil’ fella a prime suspect in the eyes of Officer Jenny and a detective working the case.

As it turns out, though the handcuffs are a little too big for Pikachu’s wee little paws. It looks like the law enforcement of Vermillion City may need to adjust their equipment. So to be more accommodating if they plan to arrest more Pokémon.

Image: TV Tokyo/The Pokémon Company

Pikachu is bring in for questioning (and bribe with food), and later runs from the cops. Leading to the investigation being reopen and clearing Pikachu’s name. But not before Team Rocket, Meowth, and Morpeko (the real criminal?) get involve.

Ultimately, so Pikachu gets revenge on the arresting officer for his shoddy police work.

Pikachu Arrest the Officer

Pikachu shocks a police detective in an animated GIF from the Pokémon Sword & Shield anime
Pikachu tases a cop

So the episode raises questions about how the Pokémon criminal system works. Do they get Pokémon or human lawyers? Do their trainers have to answer for their crimes and misdemeanors? Is the jury make up of human, Pokémon, or both? We may never know.

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