Polaroid’s new analog instant camera is the smallest yet

Polaroid go, Polaroid’s new $ 99.99 instant camera Seems small. In design and functionality, it is almost like a thicker version of the Polaroid Now launched last year. But it has some add-ons like selfie mirrors and a long-lasting battery for the trendier, on-the-go, social media-savvy crowd who are the champions of instant film cameras these days.

Go is 2.4 inches long, 3.3 inches wide and 4.1 inches tall. Smaller than the breadbox, or longer, which is more than an inch larger in almost every direction. It also boasts standard features such as a self timer (good for group shots), flash, and easy double exposure with just a button click, with claims of an improved 750mAh battery and polaroid.

Polaroid Go’s film is more square than rectangular.
Picture: Polaroid

Due to its small size, Go uses a new accelerated film format, which can be potentially inconvenient if you have already used other cameras of larger size Polaroid. The Color Go film – which you can get two packages if you pre-mode the camera – measures 2.623 x 2.122 inches and has an ASA 640, which means the Go should be better in bright settings or with a flash .

Polaroid claims that the Polaroid Go is the smallest instant camera ever made, but the real test is that if there is a compromise in quality it can be brought down to that small size. When we reviewed Polaroid Now last year, we had a long time to develop the autofocus and the film. Go may not have solved those problems, but the size and cute design can be a worthwhile trade for anyone who sees their instant camera as an accessory as much as they do an instrument.

The Polaroid Go bundle is available for preorder today with the film for $ 119.99. The camera is priced at $ 99.99 and will go on sale on April 27.

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