Police arrested suspect, Bekhouf was in Subway Shaw

Police arrested a woman suspected of killing a 54-year-old homeowner on the elevated subway track in the Bronx earlier this month.

Loose Sanchez, 29, is accused of waiting for the subway at the victim’s 174th Street station on Tuesday at 7:50 am to take Rosa Gallas back on track.

The arrest came two weeks after NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea promised “full court press” to obtain the suspected attacker.

Surveillance footage obtained by police identified the woman – who was wearing bright yellow sweatpants at the time of the attack – making four more stops and riding the Bx21 bus immediately after the attack.

Gales was hurt and scared by the incident, which left him with full body pain, he told The Post last week.

She was completely blinded by the Gallas attack, she said.

“I’m always afraid that someone might hurt me so I don’t walk near the train,” said Galas. “I always go away, but this person was a young woman and, I don’t know, she pushed me with such force. The second time, I fell.”

Dermot shea
Dermot Shea promised “full court press” to obtain the suspected attacker.
REUTERS / Lucas Jackson / File Photo

“I never intended to see his face,” he said. “He had no intention of getting on the train. She just wanted to hurt someone. “

The NYPD said Sanchez faces several charges, including attempted murder.

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