Police released a photo of the woman who attacked the subway at the age of 2.

Police on Tuesday released a photo of the woman who allegedly punched a 2-year-old boy on the Manhattan metro over the weekend.

The child was sitting on his mother’s lap in his northeast C train on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and West 116th Street in Manhattan just after 3pm on Saturday, when the incident occurred, police and sources said.

Sources said that a female beggar in the train started demanding money from the passengers and then came very close to the mother, who asked her to stay six feet away.

The woman ignored and continued as she stepped on her mother’s left leg. The mother questioned the suspect, who then began punching the police, according to police.

The young boy had redness on his face and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police released surveillance photos of the suspect wearing a white face mask, a beige baseball cap, a plaid shirt, a black coat and jeans.

The 21-year-old mother recalled to The Post on Sunday that no one tried to help her son during the horrific attack.

“Nobody tried to help me,” he said. “I screamed, ‘Someone help me, take the baby!” Nobody did anything to help. “

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