Post Malone’s ‘Only Want to Be With You’ coverbeaks lyrics include a cowboy reference

In sports news today, artist Post Malone has released the 1994 song “Only Want Be With You” by Hootie and Blowfish as part of the celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary.

If you are asking what to do with the game, you only need to pay attention to the cover lyrics; The original, sung by Darius Rucker, claimed “I’m such a baby” as the dolphins make me cry. “But a well-known Dallas fan, Malone, tweeted,” I’m such a kid, yes, the cowboys make me cry. “

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The Cowboys certainly gave Post Malone plenty of reasons to cry in 2020; They went 6-10, the team’s third losing record in the last 11 seasons. The team was also without franchise quarterback Dac Prescott, whose season 5 ended with a compound fracture at the end of the week and the ankle was sidelined against the Giants. And there is no guarantee that the team will lock him in for a long-term deal.

Better times are ahead, Post Malone. Regardless, this is not the first time he has heard references to cowboys in his songs. For example in his 2018 song “Psycho”, Post Malone made a reference to former quarterback Tony Romeo:

“My roof looks like a no-show, the boat gets diamonds /
Come with Tony Romeo for the Joker and all the Bojos. “

And, his song “Wow.” In 2019:

“Always goin ‘for it, never go to number four /
Last Call, Hell Marie, Prescott Touchdown, Ay. “

For their latest cover, you can see the difference for yourself in the video below:

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