PUBG: New Kingdom is a futuristic new battle royal game for Android and iOS

PUBG The universe is expanding with a new mobile title called iOS and Android PUBG: New State, Which makes the battle royale premature for a more futuristic take on the massively multiplayer genre.

Set in 2051, PUBG: New State Takes years after present PUBG The games (which are set in almost modern times) promise to bring with it a new map called Troi and with it weapons and vehicles of the near future, such as drones and deployable battle shields. Based on early images, it has a similar vibe to fellow shooter ObligationKind of game is semi-futuristic military technology Black ops 3 And 4.

The new game is also set to dive deep Holistic learning PUBG Universe, Which is clearly something that surprisingly exists for a sport whose most notable cultural signifier uses a cast iron as a weapon. What does time jump mean for dear PUBG

Letter like lunch meatHowever, the release of the game will have to wait.

New state Also promised to shake the formula for PUBG Game, in-game weapon customization option, which will allow players to modify their weapons within the match in a way that sounds similar Top legends‘Weapon attached.

New state Marks the third battle royale game under PUBG Umbrella – however, unlike its mobile cousin PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State PUBG will be developed by Studio, company behind PlayerUnogn’s BattlegroundPC and console version of the original game. ()PUBG Mobile Is actually a separate title developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent.) And despite the mobile nature of the title, PUBG Studios is “making big promises of ultra-realistic graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming.”

PUBG: New State Later in 2021 will be available on Android and iOS, with alpha tests scheduled for this year as well.

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