Ravens’ Matthew Judon threatens to leak photos of ESPN reporter over ‘lie’ report

Rance linebacker Matthew Judson is not happy with ESPN reporter Jameson Hensley.

In a recent article by Hensley, Ravens defeated the author Asked questions, “Can the Ravens afford to keep Matthew Judon or Yannick Ngakoue?” He explores that question within the article, and in doing so includes some reporting about a previous contract offering that he says was sent to Judon by Revan.

Here’s what Hensley wrote:

According to one source, Ravens tried to strike a long-term deal with Judon this summer to get Zadris Smith in Green Bay ($ 16.5 million in a swing), but he refused.

Hensley later updated his article, writing, “Judon has disputed this report.”

Following that update, Judon called the author on Twitter.

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The two then had some exchanges on social media platforms.

In response to other Twitter users, Judon clarified his reasoning and further explained why he was angry with Hensley. Linebacker said that Hensley previously reported that Judon asked for $ 20 million-plus and said

“This is the second time I have been lied to without contacting me. But you will not know that part. ”

In another response, Judon stated that his issue is mostly with fans who watch Hensley’s report and then get angry.

Things took a strange turn, however, when Judon continued to air her complaints on Instagram.

There, Judon threatens to leak photos of Hensley until he apologizes.

“I know I don’t know because I just found out this year, but you have a month to sign a long-term deal once the franchise is tagged,” Judon wrote in an Instagram story. If there is no deal at that time, there is no negotiation between the two parties. @ Jamison.hensley So I’m waiting on your ESPN’s Sorcerers or I’m leaking these pictures I found with you at the strip club. “

(man_dammn9 / IG)

There is a screenshot too Raven’s Subredit Accused of being from Judon’s IG story (with screenshot of IG post above). In that post, Judon also threatened Hensley.

“Brew you could [have] Just called me trash and left out the lies, ”says Post. “Now you’ve got these fans [their feelings] When I am trying to stream. Now say sorry or me [going to] Tell your wife [you’re] cheating on her.”

(man_dammn9 / IG)

Reporters rarely reveal their sources, and there is no need for Hensley to say who gave them this information.

It also sounds like a pretty trivial story this upset about. Why did Judon feel the need to threaten Hensley twice on a small piece of reporting? It is okay to reply to the report and call it innocent, but there is no need for threats, especially on such a minor subject.

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