Reddit is coming back after crashing as GME

What is recovering after reddit Its status page is called a “major outage”. For about an hour, users who tried to load the site met with a blank white page.

The site has plummeted after GameStop’s stock rose 100 percent in the late hours of Wednesday’s trading. One of Reddit’s most controversial communities, r / WallStreetBets, has conquered the stock and was intensely active after the boom. At the moment, it is unclear whether the two are related or not, but getting a subredit Very heavy traffic

Just before Reddit crashed.

Beautiful, minimalistic design.
Screenshot: The Reporter Door

As of 5PM ET, the site appears to be reactively accessible, if a bit slow to respond. Downdetector Report Are falling fast, indicating that most people are starting to be able to use the site again, and here we are Report door Also able to load the site. Status page Also shows the site as “operational”.

Updated February 24, 5:07 pm Reddit is now back up and operational.

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