Rockets life turned into a nightmare without James Harden

It is a rock bottom for the Rockets.

As James Harden shows why he deserved all those draft picks for the Nets, the Rockets crashed without their superstars.

The latest embarrassment came in the 112–96 on Wednesday night against the Low Cavaliers, the team’s ninth straight defeat. Six of those nine losses have been in double digits.

“Our defense was not good and our offense was disappointed,” Rockets coach Stephen Silas said in a brief press conference. “It wasn’t very good all around.”

Ironically, it was another piece of the Nets-Rockets-Pacers-Cavaliers blockbuster trade that made the difference in this one, with Cleveland’s Jarrett Allen scoring 26 points, 18 rebounds and four blocks.

“At age 22, Jarrett is not near his potential ceiling – and this is the part I’m most excited about,” Cavaliers coach JB Bickstaff said. “He plays his teammates well and he knows they are looking for him.”

John Wall and Rocket are struggling without John Harden
John Wall and Rocket are struggling without John Harden
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Trading away Harden, who forced the team into the deal, is the start of the Rockets’ havoc. Three of his key players – John Wall, Victor Oladipo and Christian Wood – have all missed out with injuries.

Harden, who has over 25 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds a night for the Nets, has played 19 of 20 games since arriving in Brooklyn. His versatility – he played more than 70 games in 11 of his 12 seasons – has been an overlooked part of his greatness.

The Rockets were actually thriving in the immediate aftermath of the trade, winning eight of seven games to reach 11–10. But the final win of that streak severely sprained Wood, who had since sidelined him.

“I play with a traditional big, who rolls and pops just like John, but we’ve found a way to win,” Oladipo cited the 6-foot-10 wood feature. Which has been a revelation in its first season in Houston.

Wood said he felt that the ankle had been fractured earlier, and hoped to return soon.

“It was definitely difficult at first,” Wood said of the injury. “But then when I got the news that it is not as bad as it seemed, I am grateful and grateful. it could be worse. “

It might not be too bad for the rocket right now, though.

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