Roy Williams Questioning Marquette Game for UNC Fans: ‘Can’t Work in Damnation’

Roy Williams did not reach 900 career coaching wins on Wednesday night as North Carolina suffered a double-digit loss at home to Marquette in the game held last weekend. This result is second-guessed by fans who see it as a disadvantage in the Tar Heels case for the NCAA tournament.

Williams was asked for feedback from second-guessers at his postgame press conference. If they caught the answer, especially the end of it, they probably felt even more disappointed.

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In context, here is the full discussion:

Question: “What would you say to Carolina fans, who are questioning whether scheduling this game is appropriate given the outcome?”

A: “Well, if I had known that we were losers, God is omnipotent, I wouldn’t have determined this. Come on, we cannot work in shame, God Almighty. If you told me we were going to lose, hell, yes, we wouldn’t play the game. If you told me that we would beat the Lakers, I scheduled them. Carolina fans, they are not That

Dumb. If they are, I get no answer for them. ”

And that was the end of Williams presser.

Lakers are doing There are problems at the moment; They were blown up by the Jazz on Wednesday night in Utah and lost four in a row. But we digest.

The Heels are 14-8 (8-5 ACC), just three regular season games ahead of the ACC tournament scheduled to be held next month. Williams wanted his team to play (and win) a late season game against a high-major event (in this case, the Big East team). it did not work.

Now he is saddened by the fans, who after seeing the result become important after the fact.

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