Russell Wilson emerges as price tag as NFL teams show staunch interest

NFL teams swiftly worked on the first sign of discord between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

According to Mike Silver of NFL.comA third of the league called Seattle to estimate their interest in trading superstar quarterbacks.

“If there were Seahawks to trade Rawl Wilson, what is the realistic price?” I think you start with something like a three-first round draft. This is the kind of message that other teams are confident will be conveyed, ”Rajat said on Monday.

Wilson went on a media tour earlier this month, where he openly discussed the future of his Seahawks and went behind the offensive line several times with frustration.

“I’m not sure if I’m available or not,” Wilson Told the “Dan Patrick Show”. “This is a Seahawks question … yes, I definitely believe they’ve gotten the call. Anytime you’re a player who tries to produce every week and has done it consistently, I think Is that people are definitely the callers. I think that is part of the process. “

The Seahawks were reportedly angered by Wilson talking publicly, although there were early indications that they were not ready to trade the 32-year-old. Has that three first-round picks changed weeks later with the price tag?

Russell Wilson on January 3, 2021
Russell Wilson on January 3, 2021
Getty Images

The situation certainly attracted the rest of the league. And in an offseason where Matthew Stafford was dealt to the Lions for two first-round draft picks, and Deshaun Watson has tried to get his way out of the Texas, any potential price tag is worth noting.

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