Russell Wilson Trade Rumors: Patriots, Jets, Washington Fits Best Realistic for Dissatisfied Seahawks QB

Russell Wilson trade rumors are steaming as the countryside Watson trade rumors are beginning to fade. Now teams looking for elite veterans starting quarterbacks can focus more on the Seahawks in their quest to find an eight-time Pro Bowler and one-time Super Bowl winner.

Now Wilson’s move is not wild speculation. Athletic has a blockbuster new report The power struggle in Seattle and how a major rift developed between the 32-year-old and Seahawks officials, to the point that Wilson’s representatives have given rise to the real possibility of a trade.

The Dolphins and Jets, two AFC East teams, also tied with Watson as they each hold two first-round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, they were cited as potential destinations. The other two teams were the Saints, who would see Drew Breeze retire, and the Raiders, who still don’t sell on Derek Carr.

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Despite being seven years older than Watson, Wilson has the same sealing appeal for teams looking for a QB upgrade. According to Michael Silver of, “About a third of the league” has reached out to the Seahawks regarding Wilson’s availability. Again ESPN’s Adam Shekre reported On Thursday through Wilson’s agent that only four teams he would like to go to a trade are Saints, Raiders, Cowboys and Bears.

Even with Watson, a team would have to drop at least two first-round players to get Wilson, and perhaps three as well. The second challenge is that although Wilson has only paid a $ 19 million salary for this year in his current Seahawk contract through 2023, he is a $ 32 million cap hit for 2021.

The only way to trade him for the Seahawks is by giving Wilson a June designation. It would still cost them $ 39 million dead over two years instead of one, but it would also come with $ 19 million in cap relief for 2021 vs. it would cost them $ 7 million against the cap this year.

Athletic mentioned teams, New Orleans and Las Vegas are not possible. The Saints are a league-worst $ 69 million above the cap and seem intent on rolling with Tamsum Hill to succeed Trees. The Raiders are $ 9 million on cap and Carr is coming off the best season of his career. Neither team is in a position to give a ton of draft capital, nor.

As after the introduction of cowboys and beer, they are also not the real choice for various reasons. The Cowboys will not sacrifice a ton for a high-reversal QB, when they could just shut down very small pending free agent Duck Prescott for a long-term deal. The beers on the cap are over $ 2 million. He was not a bottom line player for Carson Wentz and cannot make a competitive offer for Watson, which suggests he does not have enough to get Wilson.

With all this in mind, here is a ranking of only five logical landing spots for Wilson:

Russell Wilson’s most realistic business fits

1. New England Patriots

The Patriots need to stop messing at the QB and be aggressive enough to return to the top of the league at the position. Bill Belichick should not just stand to watch Tom Brady flip conferences and win another Super Bowl. Instead, he should think of Wilson’s possibility of doing so in New England.

Belichick has not had a great history with recent first-round elections and the Patriots are not used to being a top-32 selection, anyway, as has happened in three of the last five drafts. The Patriots are always confident that they can overcome the loss of experienced personnel in the offensive line, defensive front seven and secondary.

The Patriots should not hesitate to send three first-rounders from 2021 to 2023 as well as whoever will be helping in exchange for young veteran Sewks Wilson. New England is also around $ 62 million under the cap, so it could easily fit Wilson’s contract and then spend it to get whatever help he needed to compensate for fewer draft picks. Has ability.

2. New York Jets

As it stands, the Jets’ primary QB option is staying at No. 2 and drafting Zach Wilson of BYU or sticking with Sam Darnold and using that high pick to get him more help. for. Given his natural interest in Watson, it follows that he could go after Wilson in a similar way. His second first-rounder, No. 23, was the result of GM Joe Douglas’ successful Jamal Adams trade with the Seahawks last year overall. New Jets head coach Robert Saleh also knows Wilson well since his days as a defensive assistant in Seattle.

With a 2021 first-rounder for Adams, the Jets also received an additional third-rounder this year and another first-rounder the following year. Seattle has a provision for big-time compensation for Wilson in New York.

The Jets are around $ 69 million under the salary cap, so they have the immediate immediate spending power to fulfill whatever needs Wilson has with more experienced acquisitions. The Jets also hired a new offensive coordinator, Mike LaFleur, who Wilson may believe is his brother, Matt LaFleur, with Aaron Rodgers.

3. Washington Football Team

Wilson and Ron Rivera will represent another good QB-Head Coach leadership. Wilson’s deep passing thinking would also fit offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s system well. Terry McLaurin, Antonio Gibson and Logan Thomas have a good baseline of skill players, and the WFT is bound to upgrade the offensive line and the remaining receiving carriers.

Washington is under $ 38 million under the cap, but trading for Wilson will allow the team to be named Alex Smith as a cut on June 1, adding another $ 19 million in available funds. This would help WFT with more potential in the Patriots and Jets’ field to take Wilson in the first round in free agency.

A bonus for Wilson would be the chance to play close to Richmond, Va., Where he grew up and attended high school. Moving from one Washington to another, he would be a popular power player in a large East Coast market that could offer the Patriots and Jets.

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4. Carolina Panthers

They intend to do everything they can to upgrade from Teddy Bridgewater, and now that it will not be possible to chase Watson, it follows that Wilson would make sense for him as well. The Panthers have superb offensive weapons with a bright young coordinator in Joey Brady, along with Christian McCruff, Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore. He should overcome the offensive line to tackle Taylor Moton and consider adding more influence to the tight end.

Being a total pick of the number point in 2021 is a great start in creating an attractive trade package. The Panthers are $ 31 million below the cap, so they can work on making Wilson’s cap a hit, assuming them, like other potential Wilson-acquiring teams, will be ready to restructure their contracts in the near future.

5. Miami Dolphins

Build three teams from that AFC East. The Dolphins have been mentioned with the Jets for Watson as they hold the most attractive combination of the first round of 2021, with the No. 3 pick from Texas as well as their own No. 18 overall pick.

Like Washington, Miami is a growing young team with a strong defensive foundation, which is only a fond franchise QB and offers a slightly more aggressive boost than being a dangerous contender. The Dolphins are most likely clinging to the top of Tua Tagovailoa, but where there will be a Watson, there will also be some Wilson way.

Based on several reports, rumors of Wilson’s trade are mostly associated with unrealistic sites. For the Seahawks to be truly motivated to move him, one of the five teams above will need to come up with a strong offer, establishing a position that neither they nor Wilson can refuse .

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