Seattle Police Knife: ‘Please Kill Me’

A suicidal man who begged a Seattle cop to kill him as he came in with a large knife was fatally shot as he ignored orders to stop the video show.

A Port of Seattle police warned the Seattle Police Department late Tuesday that the “suicidal subject” had a knife to his neck near the city’s coast, Audio wise The police call was issued on Wednesday.

The armed man cut himself off while walking along Alaska Wayne and Seneca Street, police told dispatchers.

When officers arrived shortly after, the body camera footage showed Seattle PD police facing the man as he stabbed a knife while walking past Pier 56.

“There he is, there he is, stop,” says an officer. “Wait, watch out – he’s got a knife.”

The officer jumps out of his police cruiser and orders the man to stop moving and lay down weapons, but he ignores the commands – and tells the policeman to shoot him.

Still a video from Seattle police bodymark footage of the shooting.
Still a video from Seattle police bodymark footage of the shooting.

On the graphic clip the man says, “Just do it, just do it.” “Do it, do it – please kill me.”

The man was shot just a few feet away from the officer as he placed a large kitchen knife above his head. Police said a blood stained weapon was recovered from the spot where the victim was declared dead.

The man was holding a knife while shooting.
The man was holding a knife while shooting.

Seattle police said Wednesday that police officers at the Port of Seattle tried to use less lethal methods before the fatal shooting, but were ineffective. It was not clear what steps were taken to end the confrontation, The Seattle Times reported.

According to the newspaper, the victim was not identified by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office early Thursday.

Meanwhile, officers involved in the incident are now on administrative leave, as investigations into police-involved shootings continue, the Seattle Times reported.

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