Semi-automatic handgun used to shoot at police in Bronx: NYPD

According to the NYPD, a gun battle that ensued in the South Bronx over graffiti – a blood-soaked and damaged semi-automatic handgun used by a man fighting for his life was found in a shootout with police Sunday morning .

NYPD Chief of Department Terrence Monahan said a sergeant and two officers pulled a car over East 153rd Street and Third Avenue around 12:30 p.m.

The two men in the car ran on foot, but an officer caught Monahan running. Said in a briefing.

“As the officer clashed with the man in an attempt to arrest him, the suspect pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and fired at the officers at least three times,” the chief said.

“It was at this time that all three officers were engaged to the man who had opened fire several times,” Monahan said.

The NYPD released this image of a semi-automatic handgun, which was used to shoot at officers.
The NYPD released this image of a semi-automatic handgun, which was used to shoot officers.

The suspect – who was not identified – was in critical condition at Lincoln Hospital, Monahan confirmed. The three officers were evaluated at a local hospital, but they are “fortunately deserted”, the chief said.

A second suspect was also being searched on Sunday morning.

“.22 caliber semi-automatic handgun was recovered at the scene of the shooting,” Monahan said.

“During the exchange of bullets the suspected gun was shot and damaged.”

Monahan said that he and the Department’s Force Investigation Division had already seen cameras wearing the bodies of all three officers before releasing their preliminary findings.

Monahan said, “Tonight’s shooting underscores the dangers facing our brave because they protect people.”

“They said whether they are stopping someone who is making graffiti or responding to a known shooting, there are too many guns on the streets nowadays,” he warned.

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