Senior citizens ‘granfluencers’ making it rain on Instagram

They are Instagrannies.

Shilling on social media is no longer just a young man’s game.

Web-loving seniors called granfluencers are racking up thousands, even millions, of Instagram followers as well as mountains of money by posting themselves in fringed outfits and other celeb-worthy snacks.

Glam mom

“Stealing your man since 1928,” reads the tag line for the Instagram page of 92-year-old Helen Ruth Ellum of Knoxville, Kentucky – known as baddiewinkle On the platform. In exchange for the usual knit sweaters and white sketchers, this glamorous grandmother also colored a banged feather boa, bombed sunglasses and other robes for an Andy Warhol painting.

First hitting the ripped Internet radar at the age of 85, Eck’s mother currently boasts 3.6 million Instagram followers and sponsors who net her $ 9,815 per promo, Daily Front Row reported.

Elam’s previous sponsors include Amazon Echo Show 8, Svedka Vodka, LG, Canada Dry, Australian, My / Mo Mochi Ice Cream, Jack in the Box, Fashion Nova, Lisa Frank, Incredible Cosmetics and many more. The Daily Mail reported.

Model teacher

Not to be, 67-year-old Lynn Slater almost boasts . 800,000 gwar on a village. The Associate Law Professor at Fordham University in New York accidentally gained internet fame (hence her ‘gram handle “casual icon”) when photographers mistook her for a fashionista at a fashion event, AARP Discipline Aging reported.

Today, Slater’s sponsored posts rake in about $ 3K, proving that age is just a number, cash most definitely not.

The sartorially minded sexagenarian has also been featured in countless international fashion magazines and even signed a contract with Elite Models London. Not bad with reportedly having a master’s in criminal justice and a PhD in social welfare.

Most importantly, however, the unwitting insta-influencers gracefully wanted to be an example of aging.

“I think that as women get older, there is a difference in the amount of attention you can get,” Slater told AARP Discipline Aging. “So I started paying more attention to the type of clothes I wear.

Granfluencer concluded, “I always had a good personal style, but I started using my clothes more as a creative act to express myself creatively to the world. I was in my 60s I am, and I have always been the most visible in my entire life. “


Not all golden girls on Instagram love glitz and glamor. Swall senior Joan MacDonald, 74, amassed 1.1. Million Instagram Followers – as well as workout gear and Odals sponsorship of Odals – by documenting her active lifestyle.

Inspirational material includes a clip of the Geometric Gym Shark Dead-lifting 175 pounds. Meanwhile, a temperament Before and after photo Shows how fitness freak overweight braves the same weight and muscular physique as her daughter, who is herself a fitfluencer.

Many might be surprised that McDonald never weighed in until a few years ago – which the Granfluencer attributes to the fact that married women were recently discouraged from pumping iron.

“People think, ‘Oh, grandma, what does she know?” “McDonald Told glamor. “But you will be surprised what Grandma can do.”

Mr stole your grandma

Do not allow women to get in the social media headlines 59-year-old teacher Irwin Randall Generates upwards of $ 1,000 for its Swagstick ‘Village promo. Randall – aka Mr. Stolen – Your Grandmother Was also featured “On the Wendy Williams Show.”

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