Sex worker accused of death of Cipriani chef Andrea Zamperoni

On Wednesday, a Queens prostitute was charged in connection with the 2019 overdose death of Andrea Zamperoni, head chef of Cipriani Dolci.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors, 42-year-old Angelina Barini, and her boyfriend, 44-year-old Leslie Lescano, lured the chef of Comey Lodge and conspired to spike his drink with the date-rap drug GBL on 18 August 2019. The invoice Motel floor the floor and died.

Femmey Fettel has previously been driven to the deaths of two other Johns overdoses – but this is the first time she has been directly charged in connection with the 33-year-old chef’s demise.

She faces charges of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute GBL, distribution and possession with intent to distribute GBL, and obstructing conspiracy to dispose of Zamperoni’s body.

Police later cut him down with Zamperoni’s dead corpse – lying in a pile of garbage in the corner of his motel room – he was arrested and quickly tied up for the deaths of two other Johns.

Leslie Lescano
Leslie Lescano was also charged and faced imprisonment of up to 20 years based on top counts.

It is unclear why it took the authorities so long to charge him for the crimes related to Zamperoni.

Lesano, who has two counts with Barini for conspiring to rob the drug and Zamperoni, allegedly told Homeland Security Investigation agents that the blonde inducement usually used “liquid G” – referring to G.B.L. Happened – to make the men unconscious so that he could rob them.

After Zamperoni got drunk on August 18, Lesano reportedly went on a shopping spree with the victim’s AMEX card, buying gift cards, cigarettes and snacks at Barney’s behest.

But the situation became visibly fatal, and that afternoon, surveillance footage was captured allegedly purportedly dragging a garbage can from a nearby street to her motel room.

She later messaged her friends on Facebook and asked if they had a hand truck she could borrow.

Three days after Zamperoni’s disappearance, law enforcement officials approached the motel’s room. When Barini opened it, he was charged with “a strong odor, the smell of a corpse, and the burning incense,” court papers said.

A pair of New York City police officers enter Camway Lodge in Queens
A pair of New York City police officers enter the Camway Lodge in Queens
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / AP

HSI agents allege that an officer could spill a trash can with “bare human feet sticking out”.

During a later search, he found a suitcase and a saw.

Bernie and Lescano were arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday and both pleaded not guilty. They both stayed behind bars.

Prosecutors said they were engaged in plea negotiations, which they described as “productive”.

If convicted, Lescano faces up to 20 years in prison on the top count and Barini faces a life sentence.

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