Six Capitol Police Officers Suspended For Action During The Uproar

According to the department, twenty-five Capital Police officers are under investigation, including six people, who have been suspended with pay.

Acting Chief Minister Yogananda Pittman indicated that any officer, whose actions were found unacceptable on 6 January, would be disciplined, a department spokesperson Said in a statement to WTTG on Thursday.

“Our office has been investigating the work of 35 police officers since that day. Currently we have suspended six of those officers with salaries.

Some Capitol police officers were captured on video when rioters entered Capitol Hill without taking any action.

In a video posted on YouTube, Capitol Police Lt. Tariq Khalid Johnson can be seen wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat while talking to several supporters of former President Trump.

Johnson – who has been suspended from the department – donated the hat to gain the trust of the protesters so that they could carry him through the crowd and into the building to save his fellow officers, The Wall Street Journal reported.

At one point in VideoJohnson, 45, gave his megaphone to one of the protesters and said, “I’ll follow you.”

The Justice Department has charged more than 250 people to attack the Capitol during a vicious attack that killed five people, including Veteran Capitol Police Officer Brian Siknik.

As a result, Trump was impeached for a second time for inciting rebellion in the Capitol, but the Senate failed to convict him.

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