Sports Illustrated Model, Brooks Nader, Tracked By Stalker Using Apple Air Tag


Brooks Nader has recalled details of a frightening incident and urged followers to stay alert.

Nader took to Instagram on Thursday to share a harrowing story of how an apparent stalker had tracked her location using an Apple air tag while out in New York City.

Air tags are button sized, wireless tracking devices that can stick to various objects like purses, phones, keys and more — and users can see the location of their items via the “find my phone” feature on their Apple devices.

After a night of bar hopping and meeting up with friends in the city, Nader had received a suspicious notification on her phone that alerted her that an unknown device had been tracking her location for “a while.”

“I was at a bar in Tribeca,” the 25-year-old informed her followers on Instagram. “I was at the bar and waiting on someone alone and had my coat on the chair behind me. It was crowded. Lots of people.”

“Then I went to meet some girlfriends at a bar nearby. I didn’t get any notifications. Then I went to the next spot, no notifications. Then, stupidly, I was walking home alone because I live in the neighborhood, around 11:30 PM … I was already on my walk home when I got the notifications that said someone is tracking you and has been for a while,” she continued. “So I freaked out, obviously. And then, of course, my phone died.”

“My man was freaking out, it was like midnight and it turns out that it was an air tag which is a tiny white circular thing that Apple makes and it’s used for horrible horrible things after I researched it.”

Prior to the harrowing experience, Nader shared that she had no idea that these devices had even existed and informed friends and followers to check their surroundings and to stay alert at all times.

“So I’m kind of just trying to raise awareness and tell all my ladies out there to watch your belongings, look out for the notification,” she added. “The only silver lining is that I actually got notified that someone was tracking me.”

“It was the scariest moment ever. I just want people to be aware that this exists,” the Sports Illustrated model remarked.

“Ladies, do not be alone when you’re out at night. Be in a group,” Nader advised women in an interview with Fox News. “I was alone for about 45 minutes waiting for friends and I’m certain that’s when this all occurred. I don’t think this would have happened had I been with my husband or a bunch of girlfriends. And don’t walk home alone at night. I was walking home when I got the notification, which was frightening. Take a taxi. And have your phone handy. Check your notifications, especially when you’re out. I’m grateful the Find My app notified me.”