Steve Cohen is back on Twitter after GameStop debacle

Steve Cohen could not stay away.

The Mets owners returned to Twitter on Tuesday in early spring training. Kohli took down his account last month after his hedge fund was involved with the GameStop stock fiasco.

“I’m going to spring training again this weekend. You can feel a positive vibe between the players. LGM, ” Cohen tweeted Tuesday afternoon, The first post after closing their account.

Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management returned Melvin Capital with an infusion of $ 750 million after an unsuccessful attempt to reduce GameStop stock closed by Reddit users.

Cohen on Twitter defended his position and Robinhood’s decision to temporarily stop trading on that stock, among others. This led to a controversy on social media with Dave Portnoy, Sports President of Barstool.

With resentment rising, Cohen took a Twitter break after accumulating 190,000 followers in his first few months on the app.

Cohen said in a statement, “I’m really enjoying the back and forth on Twitter with Mets fans who unfortunately went wrong this week.

“So I’m going to take a break for now. We have other ways of listening to your suggestions and are committed to doing so.”

Cohen’s wife, Alex, who was prominent on Twitter after the team’s purchase, did not bring her account back after removing it around the same time.

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