Steve Nash’s powerful approach helped ignite the Nets

Even a team is seen as star-studded because the net needs structure. And guidance. And the occasional kick in derivation.

Steve Nash may be a newbie in terms of his NBA head-coaching experience, but the crooks grow and he is no different. As their Nets faced the Magic on Thursday night, they were riding a league-high-seven game winning streak (mostly receiving Kevin Durant), and according to Kyi Irving, how hard Nash pushed him was reason.

The Nets were a 14-12 sub after a humble loss in Detroit on February 9 and suffered defeat at the hands of the losing foes. But starting the next night vs. the Pacers at Barclays Center, the Nets have become the NBA’s hottest team and, entering the game on Thursday, pulled within half of the 76ers’ game for the Eastern Conference lead.

“In that game people came out and played with effort and we have continued to do so ever since. On Magic,” Errats said before the Nets’ 129–92 century victory. “You can see on the floor, we absolutely Were not even connected [previously]. Especially going against sub-500 teams which we [had] A losing record; It was embarrassing. So we just want to continue to demand that standard of excellence.

Steve nash
Steve nash

“Preparation is where it starts: walk-throughs, being able to do small things, remember the details to throw out there and just keep your game in mind with a structure. We need a framework. NBA. Players, entertainers, whoever we are, we need structure to be successful at the highest level. That’s why you see that the best teams have coaches who are coaches [crap] Of the players, and the people who go there and do it. So we just want to be able to be consistent. “

After an embarrassing loss in Detroit (in which the Pistons, formerly the worst team, shot 56.4 percent) left the Nets in third place, a 4 ing game behind the Sixers, even the spirited Nash was hurt. .

Nash not only used strong words for his players, but he did some extra work after that defeat.

“It was a back-to-back, we came home, we’re playing a very dangerous Indiana team, and put it on the line for them before the game, which is not the norm in the regular season,” Nash said. “You don’t necessarily want to bring a negative learning clip before the game. But we didn’t have shootawards back-to-back along the journey, so I thought we couldn’t afford the opportunity to keep up better.

“It started there. I don’t want to say that went after them, but we were very constructive with our criticism of what needed to be improved. This is where it started. We started adding in shootwear, which – because of COVID and a condensed schedule – we tried to get away to start, just not too much waterlogging for people.

“Now we are doing shootars, touching something else, to be more important with our growth in a creative and positive way. I don’t know if we are giving them any hard coaching, but we are definitely trying to chase and make sure we are pointing and correcting and addressing issues. “

The NBA schedule is at its peak in just five months this season, with some precious practices to drill at fine points. But after surviving the shootout (a common practice under former coach Kenny Atkinson), Nash had no choice but to do extra work anyway.

The result was spectacular. Since 10 February, the Nets were 7–0 with a 9.1 net rating which was the third best in the league.

“I don’t say that I was a better coach in the way I was 10 days ago. It’s hard to determine,” Nash said. “I’m getting comfortable. I’m learning, knowing my team and our challenges . It’s on the players, that’s a lot. They deserve credit. We try to guide and help them. But I don’t sit and say ‘Oh yeah, I’m getting out of my team . I’m doing the ball over here. ‘In this case take it one step at a time. “

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