Taj Gibson saves the day for the Knicks with a clutch defensive game

Taj Gibson has played sparingly after re-signing with the Knicks in January, but the veteran big man provided the defensive lift to the Knicks on Sunday night at the Garden.

Mitchell Center was sidelined after hand surgery and sidelined Nerlens Noel, starting at center, Gibson faced All-Star big man Carl-Anthony Towns and the final moments of a 103–99 win over Minnesota I came up with an important stop. .

With 99–98 ahead of the Knucks and 23.2 seconds left, Town (27 points) missed a short jumper.

“Mentally, to be ready, to my teammates, just trying to motivate, trying to do what I want to do”, said Gibson, who’s T’Wells from 2017-19 Townes had a teammate with. “Just don’t let Kate interrupt you.” I surround him to find out if he wants to get in the middle of the lane and try to shoot a running hook or floater hook.

“It was a fight. I knew it was coming to him. I was lucky tonight. Just tried to use my body and just fight. “

Pick up lottery Frank Nitlina Has appeared in just four matches this season – and none since injuring his right knee on 29 December. He spent a week separately in his hotel room in Miami earlier this month for COVID-19 contact tracing despite testing negative for the virus. .

“It certainly wasn’t the best, but it was probably for everyone’s health,” Nitilina said. “I tried my best to do some practice in the room. I couldn’t do much. Tried to lock [in]Stay focused on the weather and on every goal. “

The Knicks planned to send lesser-used guards Dennis smith jr He was traded to Detroit before the G-League for sports action Derrick Rose, But Tom Thibodo Said “not yet” when asked if such an assignment is being considered for Ntilikina.

Austin rivers The last five matches had only five minutes, but he was unavailable since Sunday due to illness.

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