Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album for Grammys, which deserved criticism for ‘Greed’

Taylor SwiftOf Album re-recorded According to a Recording Academy spokesperson, the future will be eligible for the Grammy Award.

Swifties was hypnotized to be known as the “Avmore” singer earlier this month Officially re-recording one of her early albums, “Fearless”, which won a total of four Grammys, including the first year’s album and Best Country Album.

Since then, a Recording Academy spokesperson has confirmed that some of his new recordings will be eligible for the award.

“Current eligibility guidelines allow new performances and albums to be eligible if they were recorded within the last five years. However, none of the older songs will be eligible for the songwriting award, ”a Recording Academy spokesperson told Board.

In November it was confirmed that the award-winning artist could re-record his first five albums, including “Taylor Swift,” “Fearless,” “Speak Now,” “Red” and “1989.” Producer / Manager Revelation After Revelation scooter Braun Buy rights With Swift’s record he made with his former label Large machine record When he acquired the company in 2019 for $ 300 million. He left the label in 2018.

Word of Swift’s renewed Grammy eligibility made its way to Twitter on Tuesday, adding to the weight of most users, prompting Swift loyalists to defend her.

Most of those who created an uproar over Swift’s new award eligibility are worrying that the pop star is “greedy” and will take away from other musicians who deserve equal attention to Grammys.

“Okay, but he already owns the villager he won for them, so it’s stupid to allow him to submit again,” one person Criticism On twitter

“It takes effort to not deny it, but it is still mainly the music he has won in the past, as long as he releases something new,” he said. Wins I’m not even trying to discredit him specifically, I think it’s a redundant rule from grammar, “Another person Continuous.

“Calling bulls-tee on this – not sorry- you get one Grammy once per song. GTFOH – @ taylorswift13, one more User slammed the singer.

“I got tired of winning him the prize. Can we give someone else a chance Reacted, “We all know that the Grammys are corrupt.”

One man mocked Grammys as “scamis” and claimed he favored a “special set” of artists.

Some fans insisted that Swift’s new recording would lead to a Grammy victory in the future if she submitted her upcoming albums.

“If he seriously re-presents those albums, it will be seen from the greedy st Ive,” one person wrote Of possibility.

“The greed, recognition of constant attention and it increases sales. This is just my personal opinion and I am not going to discuss that further if it is not the first one. I don’t like that others have done it before. To me the concept is greedy. No matter who does it, “a fan slammed.

Billboard noted that Swift would not be the first musician to submit a re-recording for the idea of ​​the award. Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole are two legendary artists whose re-recordings of previous albums nominated them. However, the outlet claims that voters “generally favor new projects that reflect the glories of the past.”

In response to the Nifters, Swift’s fanbase leapt to her rescue.

“I doubt she cares about a Grammy. I’m glad she’s finally able to for her album, “a fan Tweeted.

Taylor Swift participates in the 2019 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
Taylor Swift participates in the 2019 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
Getty Images

Another twitter user Argued: “Other people have won Grammy again with the recording so it would be stupid. If others are allowed, it should do the same along the other path. But that reaction caused a negative reaction from another account wrote: “Others should also not be allowed.”

“Then join the Grami Samiti and make rules,” another Clapped back.

“What if Taylor became the first woman to win Grammy of the album for 3 years. Think about it #Taylor Swift #Swifty #FearlessTaylorsVersion #gram, “A fan enthusiastically said.

“Lol what is greedy about submitting something to a Grammy? He gets nothing but recognition. And if she submits, she will not be the first to do so or win by reacarding. Defended another.

“She’s giving new unrelated music to her old albums, it’s not like she’s just presenting old work that we’ve all heard to get recognition and appreciation for the new songs that come with her old albums How greedy to try? ” Second account said.

“Fearless” features six tracks never before heard from the vault. “
Beth Garrabrandt

On Thursday, the 31-year-old singer made the surprise announcement that she would soon be releasing her “Fearless” album. That night, she dropped the new version of the song “Love Story” from the album.

“Good Morning America, this is Taylor. I am so excited to share with you that tonight at midnight I will be putting out my version of my song ‘Love Story’, which was originally on my album ‘Fearless'”.

Swift stated that their new version of “Fearless” would be different from the original album, with six new songs never heard before.

“I’ve gone back now and recorded those so that everyone can listen to not only the songs that were making the album, but the songs that almost made up. The whole picture!” She said.

A representative for the Recording Academy did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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