Ted Cruz leaves pet alone during a trip to Cancun: report

According to a report, Sen. Ted Cruz is in the doghouse with some critics who blasted his pet dog Snowflake for leaving the house on cold days – as he and the rest of the family left for Cancun, Mexico .

The Republican lawmaker has claimed in the wake of public outrage that he was merely escorting his teenage daughters on his travels with friends – like his millions of Texans, his family had lost heat and water.

Michael Hardy, a reporter for New York magazine’s Intelligencer, He said he decided to visit Cruz’s Houston home in the exclusive River Oaks neighborhood, where he saw a white dog out of a pane of glass at the front door.

“Is this the home of Senator Cruz?” The reporter asked a person, who had stepped out of the vehicle parked in the driveway.

The man, who identified himself as a security guard, said that this senator was not home.

Ted Cruz's dog Snowflake was left home alone in Texas amid massive power outages.
Ted Cruz’s dog Snowflake was left home alone in Texas amid massive power outages.

Asked who was currently taking care of the mutt alone in Pepper’s house, the guard said he was.

In 2014, Cruise identified T Dog as a rescue puppy named Snowflake, Hardy wrote on Twitter

, Where he posted a photo of the Fororn dog.

“The bus went from Ted Cruz’s house in Houston. His lights are off, but a neighbor told me that the block regained its power last night. Also, Ted is left behind the family poodle,” they wrote.

His post generated a stream of vitriol against the embattled senator.

Protesters are standing in front of Sen. Ted Cruz's house demanding his resignation, Thursday, February 18, 2021.
Protesters are standing in front of US Senator Ted Cruz’s house demanding his resignation, Thursday, February 18, 2021.

“Tell me they really didn’t leave that dog home alone,” one person wrote.

“That pooch deserves better,” another blink.

“Snowflake now joins 99.9 percent of Americans who allegedly can’t stand @tedcruz,” a third said.

Ted Cruz was seen flying from Cancun.

Some users tagged ASPCA and PETA, while others expressed some doubts about the image.

“Where’s the snow and ice?” One said.

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) carries his luggage to Cancun International Airport on February 18, 2021 before being taken back to Houston in Cancun, Mexico.
Ted Cruz (R-Texas) carries his luggage at Cancun International Airport before being transported back to Houston, Cancun, Mexico on February 18, 2021.

“I don’t think it’s really @tedcruz house, where’s the snow?” another pair.

“I tried to explain that after two sunshine, on 40-degree days, the snow and ice had melted, but some continued to insist that the photo was fake,” Hardy wrote.

Cruz, who cut short his trip to Mexico and returned on Thursday, told reporters that the trip was “clearly a mistake and I would not have done so at the interruption.”

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