Teen Mom Byna Dejas has claimed that the success

“Teen Mom” ​​star Briana Dejes is claiming success on her newly launched Onleafs, saying she earned $ 10,000 in her first week on stage.

According to Sun, “Teen Mom” ​​star Briana Dejes expressed surprise at seeing her newly minted excitement across the platform, despite the lack of X-rated content.

“Life is loafing. How I only did 10k + in a week with fans,” she tweeted to her followers.

If I make a video of sucking my toe, will I get set on fire? Because everyone keeps asking for that video. “

The Teen Mom 2 star, 26, said she is considering videos of sucking her toes to increase her fortune more.

Teen mom Briana DeJesus brags she only earns only $ 10,000 in the first week and considers sucking her toes for new videos

“Teen Mom” ​​Byanna Dedges has raised the membership price to $ 12 per month to her OnlyFans after initially charging $ 9.99 per month.

She had already denied fans that she was expecting to post more explicit content on the platform that is popular with sex workers and adult models.

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“Lamo, I never,” she wrote in response to a fan of what would be obvious content.

She expressed interest in using the platform as a vlog platform.

One fan suggested that when he created an OnlyOneFans, that Dedesus should “create a YouTube instead!” And trips, things in our everyday lives, things about children. “

She’s Teen Mom ‘star says she only made it to Offens after the porn site initially rejected her

However, “Teen Mom” ​​star Briana Dejes hinted to fans that she was open to posting more explicit content from the platform before she only started the Offsons page.

A fan asked him on Twitter: “You already have a tongue on the internet. Why are you traitorous now? Give the people what they want.”

He replied, “Nah not worth it,” then added “Maybe after mommy.”

Popculture.com previously mentioned There were reports that Dedges was possibly dropping the MTV reality hit series.

Fans feel that Dejesus has walked away from the show when he posted a secret farewell message to one of the show’s producers for his family. If she had walked away, she would have done so quietly instead of making an announcement earlier.

‘Teen Mom’: Is Brij Dejas leaving the show?

The Sun notes that “Teen Mom” ​​star Briana DeJes “has been sharing ranchier snaps since joining the site.”

According to the blast, DeJesus attempted to join OneFans only last year, but told his followers that he was rejected from the site.

“My only fans were rejected … wonder why Lamo [cry-face emoji] Maybe this is not what God was asking me to do, ”he told fans on Twitter.

Others speculated that it was first rejected after failing the photo verification process on Wefans only.

OnlyFans, which offers subscriptions and adult content supporting over 750 million content creators and catering to around 60 million users, is certainly in the news due to celeb faces including Bella Thorne and Cardi B.

‘Teen Mom’ Briana DeJesus Rejected by X-Rated Site OnlyFans

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