Texas woman Jennifer Faith plays Grobing’s widow, playing unhappy widow

Authorities said on Thursday that the wife of an American Airlines official killed in Texas played the role of a tragic widow on TV – only to find police having “a full-blown emotional connection” with her alleged killer.

48-year-old Jennifer Lynn Faith was killed on October 9, 2020, due to federal obstruction of justice charges, the death of 49-year-old Hubby James “Jamie” Faith, According to the Department of Justice.

Federal prosecutors allege that he communicated with the alleged gunman, was his high school sweetheart, and pushed him to get rid of the evidence – all while publicly pleading for information on the case.

Her husband James, who was an IT director at the airline, was shot while the couple went on a morning walk with their dog in their Dallas neighborhood.

“I heard him running after me, and I turned around and suddenly someone just started shooting at him,” Jennifer Local outlets told NBCDFW In December.

He requested someone to come forward for information about the case.

“I hope that someday maybe that person will realize the gravity of what they have done,” she said. “She was the backbone of our family. It was just devastating. “

On January 11, investigators arrested 48-year-old Darin Reuben Lopez of Tennessee and charged him with deadly shots.

He and Jennifer attended high school and college An arrest warrant affidavit.

Authorities said Lopez allegedly flew from Tennessee to Dallas and lay in wait for the couple before shooting James seven times and fleeing the scene.

Police found that between September 30 and October 30, 2020, Lopez and his aggrieved wife exchanged 14,363 calls and texts in the affidavit.

Officials said that when questioned by detectives in January, Jennifer allegedly admitted that she communicated daily with Lopez, though denied an intimate relationship.

But investigators seized Lopez’s cellphone after his arrest and found that the pair were indeed “intimately involved” according to prosecutors.

Her texts allegedly reveal how Jennifer would update her behavior on her attempts to cash in on James’s life insurance policy and how she coached him to respond to potential police inquiries.

According to court documents, “if asked about you, you are an old friend, who is going through a divorce … if it ever comes, I will answer in the same way”.

“It’s just that you have only one explanation.” They are thinking just in case [law enforcement] Pulled the phone records and asked, “added the texts.”

Prosecutors said he allegedly instructed Lopez to get rid of a “T” decal on the back window of his truck – which a witness reported seeing on the shooter’s pickup, prosecutors said.

Investigators said Jennifer had allegedly erased her phone, but they were able to retrieve her texts with Lopez.

He was arrested at the Oak Cliff Home on Wednesday and was expected to appear before the judge on Friday.

“As she publicly claimed she was desperate for answers about her husband’s murder, Jennifer Faith was communicating with the alleged murderer, actively destroying her evidence and the declining communication from her phone Urging the removal attempt, ”said a statement by US Attorney Prakarak Shah.

“Thanks to the dedication of our agents and officers, Ms. Biswas could not keep law enforcement from identifying her husband’s killer.”

His defense lawyer, Toby Shook, said he could not comment on the arrest, according to local reports. he keeps Told WFAA-TV Their client is innocent and fully supportive.

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