The former news anchor died a day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

A former Detroit news anchor, who worked at the country’s first black-owned television station, died last Tuesday – the day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, a report said.

Karen Hudson-Samuels, 68, who also worked as a producer and news director at WGPR-TV, was found dead in her home by her husband, Cliff Samuels, CBS Detroit Reported.

The cause of Hudson-Samuels’ death is not yet known.

Samuels told the news station, “We suspect it may be just a stroke, but the common side effects of the vaccine may have led to masking.”

“Hopefully we’ll know by autopsy report soon,” he said.

The report states that Hudson-Samuels gave William V. Helped launch Banks Broadcast Museum.

“When this museum was found in the national registry, she was very proud,” her husband said.

Colleagues paid tribute to his life and work.

“He was just a beautiful person,” WWJ reporter Vicky Thomas told the news outlet.

“It’s such a big loss for this community,” Thomas said.

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