The former Texas mayor says the wife was fired after calling residents “lazy”

The former Texas mayor who slammed his constituents as lazy after the epic winter storm earlier this week – which gave electricity and heat to many residents – claims his wife was fired over her lewd comments Was.

Former Colorado City Mayor Tim Boyd reiterated his remarks from Tuesday – but said his wife should not have been punished for “defending me”.

In a Facebook post removed from Boyd, Boyd wrote, “The anger and harassment you have caused my wife and family is highly undesirable. My wife was laid off from her job. Obtained by Abilene Reporter-News.

“She is a very nice person and is only protecting me!” But she should have been fired from her job, which I said is terrible. “

Boyd ripped off residents of his small town about 250 miles west of Dallas, as they struggled with power shortages and water shortages in the midst of cold temperatures following a deadly winter storm.

The former mayor wrote in the initial post, “If you don’t have any water … think outside the box for water and supplies for your family.” “If you were sitting at home in the cold because you have no power and you are sitting there to defend someone because your lazy is a direct result of your uplift!”

He later claimed he resigned prior to the comments, which he said were made as a private citizen.

Snow covers the Blackhawk neighborhood in Pfalgerville, Texas
Snow covers the Blackhawk neighborhood in Pflugerville, Texas

Boyd’s wife Casey worked as an administrative assistant secretary in the local school system, Daily Mail reported, Citing his LinkedIn page.

Boyd said in his first post that he apologized for “intimidation and certain phrases were used”, adding that he had received threats.

He wrote, “I would never want to make the elders or anyone miserable.” I was merely making the statement that those people who are too lazy to get up and bend for themselves, but are capable should not have handouts. “

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