The gang smuggled K-2 drugs into the recurs for the accused.

On Thursday, about a dozen alleged members and associates of the New York Street Gang were busted – including a pair of cooker repair officers who were accused of helping to smuggle K-2 into Rikers Island.

The 10 new arrests are part of a superseding indictment filed in Brooklyn federal court involving a total of 45 defendants, who are linked to the Bed-Stew-based bully gang, and attempted murder on them from drug trafficking Is also accused of conspiracy and extortion.

Johnny Chiles and Darius Murphy of the city’s correctional officers are accused of taking cash bribes to help Kikers soak with K2, a synthetic cannabinoid, according to a detention memo.

Chiles and Murphy allegedly gave drug papers to jail-cum-defendants, who sold them to other inmates, earning the enterprise thousands of dollars.

Defendant Nehmei Eril – who is the nickname of “Poka” and has been the founder and longtime lover of the Bully Gang, according to the prosecution, co-defendant Molek “Mo Money” Harrell – was allegedly illegal in the scheme.

According to an detention memo, Harel, who was behind bars at Rikers at the time, reportedly relied on Eril to deliver deliveries, coordinate bribery corrections officers and collect sales proceeds.

US District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.
US District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.
Brendan McDermid / REUTERS

Acting US Attorney Seth Dukerme said in a statement, “Over the years, Bull Gang members and associates have carried out brutal and serious incidents of violence, spreading poison of dangerous and illegal drugs throughout communities and even corrective institutions.” is.

Prosecutors said that part of the gang’s expansion campaign was a drug trafficking conspiracy based in Maine and overseen by Derrick Ayers, who was previously charged and currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, prosecutors he said.

The organization allegedly smuggled large amounts of crack, heroin and phenytal between New York and Maine and valued the proceeds through the purchase of luxury cars and jewelry.

Ayers – who is accused of an assassination attempt with Harrell for conspiring to assault an opponent – once used a Taser-like device to electrocute a woman, as he begged her to stop him, the court said. It was alleged in the papers of.

“Victim-1 fell, screamed in pain, and repeatedly yelled, ‘please don’t,’ ‘stop,’ and but sorry,” – but Ayers continued to attack the video allegedly caught. Prosecutors did not disclose what prompted the disturbance 2018 electrocution.

Trap houses were scattered throughout Maine and there was one in New Jersey. During the investigation, agents seized $ 380,000 in cash, 15 guns, six kilos of cocaine, 600 grams of fentanyl and four cars with elaborate “trap” compartments.

The compartments concealed in the Hydrate Memo States were professionally installed and “opened” by hydraulic lifts to trigger using a complex string of commands entered through switches for the vehicle’s headlights, radios, windows. To be.

Derrick Ayers oversaw the expansion of the Bed-Stew-based Bully Gang and its narcotics trafficking operations.
Derrick Ayers oversaw the expansion of the Bed-Stew-based Bully Gang and its narcotics trafficking operations.
Department of Justice

According to the players, Murphy is still a correctional officer, while Murphy is not with the DOC.

The newly formed defendants – Chiles, Murphy, Eril, Kaseys “Fort” Application, Robert “Ghost” Holt, Terrell “Rello” Ratliff, Ronald Davis, Brittany Duncan, LaRona Brada and Jamail Smith – will be disgraced either on Thursday or a later date. .

The defense lawyers could not be immediately identified.

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