The Simpsons predicts Ted Cruz’s Cancun debacle in 1993

At this point “The Simpsons” are running rings around Nostradamus.

The 32-year-old animated comedy has once again shocked fans and thrilled online meme makers due to a decade-old scene that accurately predicted a modern news event – this time, from Sen. Ted Cruz to Cancun Disgraceful of mid-destructive jaundice.

An episode of the 1993 Fox show titled “Marge in Chains” featured a scene in which Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby broadcast a press conference about an epidemic ripping the Simpson clan’s hometown of his cartoon citizens Told.

As Kennedy-sounding Quimby sends his message to voters, however, it turns out that he is actually standing in a bathing suit on the beach in the Caribbean, and only standing in front of an office set, while his suit’s just The top half is worn.

Similarly, Sen. Cruz was asked to issue a statement claiming that he had gone to Cancun, Mexico this week to chase his family, but had every intention of returning to Texas – where about 300,000 Texans Found himself without power for several days. Historical snowfall and snowstorms in this month.

So far, about 50 people have died from severe winter weather.

Cruz later admitted that it was “a mistake.”

Mayor Joe Quimby at a press conference in the Bahamas
The scenario sees Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby broadcast a press conference to inform the public about an epidemic, and assure that he did not flee to the Bahamas.

“Certainly it has been said, but not giving up your components to take a tropical vacation is such a low bar that it’s literally a Simpsons gag,” Wrote podcaster Jessie Brenneman.

“The Simpsons’ has done it again,” A fan tweeted With the episode clip in question.

This is hardly the first time the show has shown a terrifying ability to foresee future events.

“Simpsons” are dozens of atonement initials seen by animators.

Most recently, it was Vice President Kamala Harris’s ‘Anbargin Power Suit’, worn during the presidential inauguration on January 20, which reminded viewers of the time when Lisa Simpson wore purple three-piece America. Became the first female President of , In an episode that aired 20 years ago.

The sequel also produced an early Harbinger of the Donald Trump presidency, during which President Lisa Simpson complained that she “received a substantial budget shortfall from President Trump.”

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