The video shows a Texas boy rescued from an icy pond by a dog walker

The video shows an 11-year-old boy from Texas being dragged from a frozen pond by a rope when a teenager shows his dog walking and calls him for help.

Dramatic defense Got caught 18-year-old Katilyn Thomas, who went out with her labrador to Kroger on Wednesday, when she spotted Jefferson, who was stuck in snow in a town about 170 miles east of Dallas.

“I was playing on my phone and then I look up and I see this little image in the water and I go near it and make it feel like a little boy,” he told Local Outlet KTAL-TV.

“It immediately clicked in my mind, like ‘Oh my God, I have to help him!’

The high school senior called the boy, but, “he was not answering.”

“He was watching me,” he said, “it was scary.”

The teenager said he first called 911 and tried to knock on a neighbor’s door before reaching out to his grandfather, Randy Thomas, for help.

The video showed Randy wearing only a T-shirt and jeans, shouting at the boy, who was chested in icy water.

A scrub of video
The dramatic rescue was captured by 18-year-old Catiline Thomas, who stepped out with her labrador named Kroger on Wednesday, when she found Jefferson, who was trapped in snow in a town about 170 miles east of Dallas. saw.
Katlin Thomas via Story

According to the footage, with the help of friends and neighbors, he was able to wrap a rope around the child and slowly take it out of the frozen pond.

Meanwhile, Katlin’s pooch can be seen trying to climb in the snow to save the boy.

The teenager posted footage of the rescue on Facebook, which wrote: “Well, it’s not an everyday thing that you save a life.”

“Please keep this little boy in your prayers,” he said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office told the outlet that the boy was screened by emergency responders and expected to recover.

“The caller’s quick thinking and the neighbor’s actions helped protect the teenager from further harm,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The incident took place last week in Texas due to the devastation caused by cold and winter storms.

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