The weirdest things to happen in Packers-Seahawks, ranked, from DK Metcalf’s ejection to Pete Carroll’s ‘flip phone’

The weirdest things to happen in Packers-Seahawks, ranked, from DK Metcalf's ejection to Pete Carroll's 'flip phone'

Football is weird, man.

Sunday’s Packers-Seahawks matchup was billed as a showdown between two championship-contending stalwarts. Instead, NFL fans were treated to a snowy, disappointing mess of a football game that mercifully came to a 17-0 end (the Packers won).

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As we’ve seen in the past, Green Bay-Seattle games can be pretty weird. (Remember the replacement referee game?) Sunday was more of the same. With Halloween well in the rearview mirror, maybe some of that spooky voodoo residue was left over for this matchup.

Here are the five weirdest things to happen Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field:

DK Metcalf’s meltdown

With the Packers inching toward a shutout win with just under 1:20 left in the game, someone on the Green Bay defense clearly got under Metcalf’s skin. A demonstrative Metcalf started grabbing facemasks left and right. He was thrown out of the game for his actions.

But rather than head to the locker room for an early shower, Metcalf tried to reenter the game after he was ejected. Awkward!

What the heck did Pete Carroll throw?

While fishing in his pocket for his challenge flag, the Seattle coach threw out some kind of … device instead. What was it? A flip phone? A Motorola Sidekick? A Star Trek Communicator?

Carroll is 70 years young now, so he’s certainly had a flip phone or two in his life, but no, that’s not a flip phone. As it turns out, there was an answer.

The mystery was solved by Twitter sleuths: It was an electric hand warmer, which makes sense, given that it was snowy and cold in Green Bay on Sunday.

Still, the conviction with which Carroll threw the hand warmer is pretty inspiring.

Whitney Mercilus: Iron Man?

Mercilus notched his first sack for the Packers on Sunday, but he also left the game early with a biceps injury.

In the third quarter, he again flushed Russell Wilson out of the pocket, but with a less successful result this time. He suffered the injury and had to be tended to by trainers.

But something — you guessed it — weird happened when he was being looked at. Mercilus appeared to have some sort of blinking light on his chest just underneath his jersey. You can see it right before the camera cuts away here:

With trackers now collecting data on NFL players, there’s a good chance that was just another bit of technology for the league.

Or, we now know that Mercilus also might be the armorer and co-leader of the Avengers.

Carlos Dunlap’s shoe throw

In the words of the immortal Austin Powers: “Who throws a shoe? Honestly.”

Carlos Dunlap does, apparently.

With the Packers leading 3-0 in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks lineman decided he was just gonna chuck someone’s cleat about 15 yards downfield. As it turns out, that’ll cost you 15 yards going the other way. He was flagged for the toss.

It’s not the first time that a Florida Gator, current or former, has been in headlines for tossing footwear. Last year, Florida defender Marco Wilson threw a cleat and cost his team 15 yards — and a potential shot at the College Football Playoff.

Dunlap looked better tossing that shoe than Wilson did tossing a football on Sunday, though.

Jamal Adams’ interception

Far and away the weirdest thing to happen in Sunday’s Packers-Seahawks matchup? A Jamal Adams interception.

Adams has made his bones in the league as a pass-rushing  defensive back, less so as a pure ball-hawking coverage safety. So when he entered his 67th career game with just two interceptions and exited his 67th career game with three interceptions, that’s an increase of 50 percent. That’s pretty weird!

Adams followed up a Russell Wilson end-zone INT throw with an end-zone INT of his own.

It’s the football version of a Halley’s Comet sighting.