The White House says Biden may visit Texas as soon as this week

White House spokesman Jane Saki said on Sunday that President Biden could travel “as soon as this week” to review the devastating lightning losses and freezing temperatures.

Sasaki said the president is receiving frequent updates from his federal emergency management agency chief and is “eager” to show his support for the Lone Star state.

“But he is also deeply impressed by the fact that it is not a light footprint for the President to travel to a disaster area. He does not want to divert resources or attention, “Saki ABC News said on “This Week”.

“And we are going to do it at an appropriate time in coordination with the people on the ground. Sea Old will be like this week, ”he said.

Biden signed a major disaster declaration on Saturday, opening up federal funds for Texas weather-stricken residents.

But ABC’s John Carl noted that the Texas government assisted Greg Abbott as a “partial” solution because it included only 77 or the state’s 254 counties, and that the aid to Gov. to cover all of Texas Was wanted

Karl asks Saki about the issue. “What happens here is the governor has requested a federal disaster declaration. The chairman asked his team to act quickly.” And FEMA determined where counties should be – where it should focus resources immediately , Where counties that are the hardest hit to make sure they get the people in most need. ”

Psaki said that the purpose of federal aid was not only to take care of the emergency, but to continue through the recovery.

“People who have no water, don’t have heating, need a place to stay for a while, that’s what the major disaster declaration will help to find out, or is our hope,” she said.

A recent winter storm that brought Texas temperatures and snow and ice was compounded by widespread power shocks after the state’s power grid failed, leaving thousands without heat and water and There was a loss of billions of dollars.

The storm killed at least 70 people in the south, with most of the deaths occurring in Texas.

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