Tiger Woods’ Golf Future Not a Priority Yet

Of course, no one knows what lies ahead of Tiger Woods after his horrific accident on Tuesday and the long, complicated surgery that followed.

The unanimous spirit around golf is for Woods to recover as quickly as possible and maintain the quality of life with his two children.

But the accident that has taken place is moving the reality of golf without Woods moving closer to the surface.

When Rory McElroy was asked on Wednesday before the concession in Florida at this week’s WGC-Workday Championship, if he believes Woods could return from all of the people, he said, “He’s not Superman. That day.” Is a human at the end of, and he has already done a lot.

“At this stage, I think everyone should just be thankful that he is here, that he is alive, that his children have not lost their father. This is the most important thing. Golf is far from the equation right now. It is not even on the map at this point. ”

McIlroy, who has become a close friend of Woods, admitted that the game had reached a point where Woods, who is now 45, would no longer compete.

Rory McElroy and Tiger Woods in February 2016
Rory McElroy and Tiger Woods in February 2016
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“We were all trying to go in that direction, where Tiger was not going to be a part of the game,” McIlroy said. “I wasn’t saying that soon. Prior to this accident, he was treating a back injury and is expected to return and play this year. But it is inevitable that one day he will not be a part of it, and it is something that is going to be compatible with the game of golf and tour. ‘

Woods played only three tournaments in 2021 and seven in 2020. Since 2016, he has played only 41 tournaments in six years. He has not played 20 or more events since 2005.

“Hopefully, he comes back and is able to play, but if he is not (capable), I think he will still be part of the game in some way, regardless of the design business, his foundation and the golf tournament. Hosting, “said McElroy.” It may end up seeing talent at work with a club on hand, but there are still many other ways he can influence the game brilliantly. ”

World No. 1 ranked player Dustin Johnson on Wednesday called Woods “such a big part of the PGA Tour and what has become today, the game will miss him once he’s not playing, but I think he will Will ”should always be around in some way and get involved with the game. ”

McIlroy was uncomfortable with the news coverage of Woods’s accident and some questions surrounding it, as he said that it seemed Woods survived the crash.

“He’s here, he’s fine, he’s got some pretty bad injuries, but he’s going to recover,” McElroy said. “I was looking at some of the coverage (Tuesday) and they were talking as if it was gone. He was in a car accident, it was really bad, he is (still) real lucky to be here, which is great. But it has its limits. ”

Then a reporter was asked a question about how players could “pay homage” to Woods in this week’s tournament.

“Pay tribute to him … he hasn’t gone,” McElroy said. “He has been in a very bad accident. We are lucky that he is still here. We should pay tribute to him every day for being on the PGA Tour and for what he has done for golf.”

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