Trisha Paytas hopes to reconcile with Ethan Klein after Frenemies drama

Trisha Paytas hopes to reconcile with Ethan Klein after Frenemies drama


In a recent guest appearance on Trash Tuesday, Trisha Paytas discussed the Frenemies drama with Ethan Klein. In a clip from a YouTube video podcast titled Trish Tuesday, featuring hosts Annie Lederman, Esther Povitsky and Khalyla Kuhn, Trisha Paytas began talking about how close they are to Ethan’s family.

“You know, I guess that was my issue ’cause Ethan’s like ‘Hila’s family is so mad at her.’ We talked to [Moses’s] mom this morning and she goes, ‘I love Trish, tell her I love her.’…We’re all cool, like family. But like Ethan’s dragging his mom into it and all this stuff like that so it’s becoming more of a family issue than it had to be in my opinion. ‘Cause it really was, I had this issue with Ethan and I get that it also involves [his] wife but then like involving family in Israel.”

Trisha Paytas continued to explain that the involvement of extended family in a personal disagreement between individuals was lost on them. Paytas also stated that she hadn’t heard from either Hila or Ethan Klein, even with the upcoming nuptials. Povistsky mentioned that since Trisha and Moses were planning on starting a family, Ethan and Hila would eventually have to be involved.

Trisha Paytas brought up how they started dating Moses around the time of the Frenemies podcast, which led Ethan and Hila to confide in Moses to not date Trisha. One of the hosts commented that Trisha and Ethan Klein were “magic together.”

“I know, it’s really sad, I’m very sad about it.”

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Trisha Paytas answers questions about Frenemies drama

During the podcast, the hosts take turns asking Trisha Paytas various questions about the drama involving Ethan Klein.

Trisha Paytas stated that Ethan Klein “drags in a lot of people” into their drama.

“I’m like totally over it by now, I don’t know.”

Povistky asked if Trisha and Ethan had talked since the fallout of the Frenemies podcast, to which Paytas responded they hadn’t.

In response to Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein working through their problems with a work therapist, Paytas said:

“A lot of people were saying like ‘well that is the show.’ I always thought that was the show too but you know, I felt like it was a reality show, like the drama helps it. But I think there was just a point of just not working anymore. They’re very like no drama and I’m very drama unintentionally.”

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The podcast swiftly moved on from the topic of Frenemies and focused on Trisha Paytas exploring the topic of personal struggles with mental health. The episode then ended with the hosts choosing which of Paytas’s three weddings they would attend.

Neither Ethan nor Hila Klein have made any comment on Trisha Paytas’s appearance on the podcast at the time of the article.

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