Trooper who responded to the sandy Hook massacre busted another DUI

Police said a veteran Connecticut state trooper who responded to the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre has been charged with his second DUI in less than three years.

West Hartford’s Trooper Kenneth Dillon was gunned down by police in Kent for a two-car crash while on off duty near the intersection of Route 44 and 179. 2 February, Hartford Court Reported on thursday.

Dillon was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and carrying a firearm while under the influence. The police also gave him a citation for traffic light violation.

The off-duty detachment was allegedly among scores of law enforcement officers who responded to the homicide at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012, killing 20 children and six teachers by insane gunman Adam Lanza. The 20-year-old former student took his own life with guns, as the police locked him up.

Canton Police Chief Christopher Aricero said Dillon, who was driving his vehicle at the time, was the only person injured in the crash.

He was treated at Hartford Hospital, including a possible head injury.

A Connecticut contingent said Dillon, who was assigned as a detective with the agency’s special licensing and firearms unit, has been placed on administrative suspension.

Citing the newspaper, Dillon was previously accused of driving drunk in May 2018 in Kane, New Hampshire.

State police previously said that a week later, Dillon was busted in Connecticut for interfering with a policeman in Harvinton, where he was allegedly uncooperative with other soldiers.

The results of those arrests were not clear on Thursday, Courten reported.

Dillon, who is scheduled to appear in court on March 11, has worked for the Connecticut State Police since 1999, WTNH reported.

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