United Airlines flight safely caught on camera after dramatic engine failure

A United Airlines flight experienced a dramatic-looking engine failure after takeoff from Denver International Airport on Saturday afternoon. The UA328, originally headed to Honolulu, quickly arrived back at the airport and made a safe landing after the pilots had calmed down. Called “one day” air traffic control. According to the FAA, there were no injuries among 231 passengers and 10 airline employees.

As it is 2021, the incident was well captured with both photos and video. Passengers shared a video of what appeared to be a significant correct engine failure with visual damage, flames, and trailing smoke:

That’s why I don’t want to see the window seat. Engine failures are rare, but do occur. Modern aircraft are designed so that they remain in the air for an extended period of time and can safely land with only a single working engine.

Photographer Hayden Smith snapped a series of images of the Boeing 777-200 plane that closely view the ground-damaged engine and did not post it to Dropbox long after the plane landed safely.

Picture: Hayden Smith / speedbird5280 (instagram)

But even before that, a dash managed to achieve that moment, causing the engine to blow up.

Reports after the aircraft landed engine debris in the neighborhood near the flight path, which were also captured on video.

Local authorities are investigating and say that there have been no injuries associated with the wreckage of the shed yet. The aircraft engine cowling is seen in some images shared on social media. Nearby residents are being asked to check their property for any piece of the engine.

As is normal under these circumstances, the FAA and NTSB We will investigate what went wrong with the engine of UA328. But the incident is just another reminder of how flexible airplanes are made – and how ever an event of this magnitude occurs in modern times, it is being captured extensively from almost every angle within minutes.

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