United Airlines reportedly investigated Ted Cruz leak

United Airlines is investigating leaks of Sen. Ted Cruz’s revised itinerary – in the midst of resentment during his trip during a winter storm, before he systematically returned to Texas from Cancun, Mexico.

The Republican lawmaker previously claimed he was escorting his daughters, ages 12 and 10, in a Wednesday evening flight and was planning to return to the Lone Star State immediately.

He flew to Houston on Thursday, then flew over a photo of him posing as a fireball, and later admitted that he planned to be there with his family until Saturday.

Cruise came as text messages about his wife, Heidi, revealed that they were abandoning the “freezing” season and heading to the fancy Ritz-Carlton resort.

Edward Russell, a reporter for travel news outlet Skift, said on Twitter on Thursday that he had spoken to a source at United, who confirmed to Cruise that he booked his flight back from Cancun to Houston at 6am today (Thursday). Had. He was originally scheduled to return on Saturday, ” According to Politico.

United Airlines is reportedly investigating Ted Cruz's Cancun vacation itinerary.
United Airlines is reportedly investigating Ted Cruz’s Cancun flight itinerary.

Now, the airline said it is investigating the leak – and it may lead to termination.

“It is against United’s policies to share personal information about our customers and we are investigating the incident,” Poltico said in a statement.

The airline Honcho told the outlet that there is no option “off the table”, but it depends on the outcome of the investigation and if they definitively find the worker who leaked the information.

“The person who claims to be a joint source is in danger of having that source removed from his tweet. Politico reports that airlines track every keystroke that has access to their agents or flight records,” the journalist Yashar Ali said in a tweet.

Ted Cruz was spotted at Cancun International Airport on February 18, 2021.
Ted Cruz was spotted at Cancun International Airport on February 18, 2021.
AP Photo / Dan Christian Roses

Meanwhile, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, Sarah Nelson, defended the leak, and urged United to drop the investigation, HuffPost reported.

“Perspective: Whoever has the ‘leak’, he / she / they have 10k @united colleagues and family who are in TX, who are in the cold while their US senators leave the city and then lie about it. Let’s try, ” He said in a tweet.

“@Stcruz is not a ‘customer,’ he is a public servant who has lied many times. We are taking everyone, “he said,” Hey United, #WeAreAllTheLeak “.

The post has reached out to United for comment.

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