Upper East Side power dining scene moves to Palm Beach

Further proof that Upper East Side has escaped to South Florida, The high-end Manhattan restaurants Sant Ambroise, La Golu and Le Bilbocet’s Palm Beach Outpost working with NYC regulars.

For the newly opened Le Bilbochet, longtime Palm Beach resident and former Andy Warhol star “Baby Jane” Holzer has partnered with owner Philippe Delgrange.

On a recent weekend, dinner included Holzer, Douglas Elliman Michael Lumber, New Jersey Gov.-Tandon-pundit Chris Christie, billionaire Julia Koch, philanthropist Gillian Minter, construction exec William Gilgane and financier George Farias – who hosted annual holiday parties Is known for 21 ‘Club with Anne Hearts and Jay McIntern.

Holzer grew up in Palm Beach, and reportedly just Sold to a family there for $ 7.55 million. In September, it bought a separate property for $ 8 million, the Palm Beach Daily News reported, one of several local investment properties owned by the Onhold model, Warhol Star and Texas Ice Cream Store.

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